Totally blessed...

Thursday, February 07, 2008
I have to say that I have been receiving replies from my "Official Graduation Announcement/Christmas Letter/Mission Trip Letter".

I have received letters and congratulations from people, and I want to say that I cherish each reply that I get. They are going up on my wall right next to my diploma. It is a constant reminder of the Grace, Love, and Family that God has surrounded me with.

And of course I have received checks in support of my mission trip. I have already been blessed beyond belief with the money and support that I have received. Remember that if I raise more money than it takes for me to go, then others in my group who are not as fortunate are able to go; or someone going to a different city will be able to go; or someone will be able to go on one of the out-of-country trips this summer; or it will go to a missionary that is already out in the field. Denton Bible Church (the church you are writing the checks to) currently have missionaries in fifty countries! I promise: any extra money will go not to me, but to God's use.

I was just thinking that it might have been a mistake to write my "combo" letters. I should have sent out graduation announcements, waited for the replies ("rewards"), THEN sent out my mission trip letters. If I had done this, I would receive more money instead of people just giving to the mission trip.

Then I thought how greedy that was. As much as God blesses my life with money, He can surely bless others with the same amount of money ten fold! For me, $50 can pay for my electric bill for one month, or it could support a missionary in another country for a few days. Which brings more blessing to God?

So while the greedy half of me is trying it's best to not type the following sentence, the religious half of me says: if you were going to give me money for my graduation, I challenge you to instead give it to God. You can wrap it into the amount that you give for my mission trip, or you can give it back to God some other way (see below). (know that if you have already given or are going to give me graduation money, I still see that as God's blessing on my life... it won't be used for anything outside of glorifying God)

I can make this challenge because I have full faith in God that as much as I give to Him, He will bless me back. Remember that all UrbEx (Urban Experience, the spring break trips) checks need to be in by February 23rd.


PS: If you are looking for a place to give, here are a few that I am directly working with:

Argyle United Methodist Church is currently building a new campus and is raising money for the cost of our new sanctuary. Their mailing address can be found on their website:

CollegeLife is the college ministry of Denton Bible Church. Axcess (Tuesday night worship) has about 600 college kids worshiping a week. Their mailing address can be found under the "Locaion" tab on their website:

MorningTime Ministries (Cathy Brown) and I produce a 5 minute daily devotional that aires on TV around the world. We are currently trying to get two more shows off the ground. I don't have her home address, but you can contact her at: morningtime [at]

PowerFM is a local Christian rock station that plays the best music around. You can support what they are doing at their website:

Velugu Television Network is the first Christian/Family based TV station in India, and has spread to parts each of Iran, England, Canada, and the Washington DC area. Their mailing address (located in India) can be found on their website:


Matt said...

That's awesome bro! IT's always encouraging to see the body of Christ coming together to do His work. God will provide for your well being just as much as He provides for you to do His work. The key is to "seek first the Kingdom of God" and then "all these [other] things" will be taken care of too.