The next YouTube killer?

Monday, July 30, 2007
When I saw the name of this site, I literally spit food out of my mouth I was laughing so hard (HEY, chips are lightweight, and they catch a lot of air, and it was a TINY piece!).

Linky (the next YouTuve killer?)



Saturday, July 28, 2007
This is how I feel sometimes... (click for larger view)



Friday, July 27, 2007
Searching Facebook groups for "Chick-fil-A" will get you some interesting results, including over 500 results! Some Group Names are as follows (members of groups in parenthesizes, all misspellings, capitalizations, and punctuation from actual group names):

"Chick-Fil-A: Closed on Sunday Because God Blessed The Chicken" (367 members)

"Chick-fil-a Day at school rocks my socks" (70)

"chick-fil-a employees kill puppies!" (34)

"Chick-fil-a employees that say my pleasure 24/7" (10)

"Chick fil a for life.....except on Sundays" (only 1 member)

"Chick-Fil-A: Fried Chicken for White People (Black people can eat it, too)" (23 members, that other comment in parenthesizes is part of the name)

"Chick Fil A handmade milkshakes are the best things ever made" (105)

"Chick Fil A is high class. And they have chicken, and that's nice too." (87)

4 groups named "Chick-fil-a is the Best"

"Chick-Fil-A is DISGUSTING" (yes, I had to include them, all 15 members)

"Chick-fil-a Jihad" (14)

7 groups named "Chick-fil-a lovers" (or some variant)

"Chick-fil-a makes me wanna shoot up sometimes...and i'm just fine with that" (10 members)

"Chick-fil-a, Moe's, and Fazolis'...the trifecta of multicultural fast food" (110)

"Chick-fil-A Only sounds good on Sundays" (32, plus three other variants)

8 "Chick-fil-a rocks" groups, including a "Chick-Fil-a Rocks my socks off" (33)

"Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Cool Wraps - Meal of Choice At The Last Supper" (32, they even included a picture)

3 groups named "Chick-Fil-A should be open on Sundays", not including others listed here

"Chick-fil-a Saturday Morning Breakfast Brunch Group" (16)

"Chik-fil-a is my whore" (24 members, and directly below that:)

"Chik-fil-a SV Bible Study" (5)

"Do i want light mayo or the chick-fil-a mayo? i can't decide!" (3)

"I am or (once was) a slave at "Chick-fil-a"" (108)

"I call it chick-a-flic, but know that it is chick-fil-a" (2)

"!!! I Could Eat Chic-Fil-A Every Meal, Every Day !!!" (354)

9 varieties of "I Crave Chick-Fil-A On Sundays!"

"I'd Go To Hell For Chick-Fil-A On Suandays" (61)

"I DO NOT Crave Chick-Fil-A on Sundays" (umm, all of 4 people, apparently)


"i feel sorry for the Chick-fil-a cows because they don't know how to spell." (80)

5 "I hate Chick-fil-A" clubs, including "i hate the chick-fil-a drive through girl on magnolia" (4) and "I hate the random pickle on Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches!" (225)

"I lick the bottom of the Chick-fil-a honey mustard cartons" (2)

"i like chick-fil-a, but i'd rather play in traffic.....naked" (3)

"I love Ally,a girl who works at the Chick-fil-A in Belden Village-N. Canton" (13)

"I love books, dogs, Jesus, Chick-Fil-A milkshakes, planet earth, & Huckabee" (32)

15 "I LOVE CHICK FIL A" groups

Continuing the Sunday trend, three groups named "I only want Chick-fil-A on Sunday" (searching for "Chick-fil-A Sunday" gets you 33 groups)

"i steal Chick-fil-a mints!" (16)

"i steal sauce from chick-fil-a, because im condiment whore." (71)

"I Work At Chick-fil-A and that makes me cool" (13)

"i work at chick-fil-a and i have no life. so i started a group about it." (9)

"I work at Chick-fil-A, but I still like beef." (21)

"Patty Works at Chick-fil-a hahahaha......hahahahaha" (34 members?)

"People that work at Chick-fil-a and hate mall security and like Darlene" (1)

"People that work at Chick-Fl-A and need to calm down and adore Darlene" (5)

"Q: What does a retired Pirate look like? A: Granny at Chick-Fil-A" (23.... I don't get it)

"Where I Grew Up, Chick-Fil-A Was the Place at the Mall With the Weird Fries" (3)

"Why do I always want Chic-fil-a on SUNDAYS??" (6,838)

"Why do I always want Chick-fil-A on Sundays?" (1)

"Why do I always want Chick-Fil-a on SUNDAYS!!!!!!!!!" (25)

"Why do i always want chick-fli-a on SUNDAYS??" (306)

"why do you always want Chick-Fil-A on Sunday??" (166... getting my point yet?)

"Working at Chick-fil-a made a little piece of me die." (28)

7 groups named "Eat More Chicken!"

"Honey Roasted Barbeque Sauce" (5)

"I know what it means to quick clean a henny!" (25, or at my old store, to "drop a henny")

"Is everybody happy?? yeahhhh man! H-A-P-P-Y" (11)

"Its not "my pleasure"" (21)

"It's still the "Peach Bowl" to me" (8)

"Petition for Krystal Vereb to stop posting (almost) naked pics" (10, I don't know what this has to do with Chick-fil-A)

"S. Truett Cathy for Nobel Prize!" (83)

"Truett Cathy should be cannonized by the Catholics, so I can pray to him!" (26 members, take nope, Pope!)

19 versions of "You know you are from [insert town name here] when..."

Out of five hundred groups, I would reccomend looking at one: You Know You've Worked at Chick-fil-A When..... Pretty funny.




Am I willing to pay $600 for an iPhone that can't even copy and paste text?


Am I willing to shamelessly put a link to so that I will be entered into a drawing to win a free iPhone?



The Computer Monster!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Think Jimmy can de-code some of the computer's ramblings?

You can read about how the Computer Monster is really the predecessor to the Cookie Monster at it's Wikipedia site.


I am back!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Or am I?

I may start posting links here again, you never know!