An update...

Sunday, October 11, 2009
For everyone following me on Twitter or Facebook: welcome to my blog!

For a while now I have joined my Twitter and Facebook page so that everything I say on Twitter gets forwarded to Facebook. But the more I explore both mediums I realize that each has a different group of friends for me: Twitter has mostly church techie people that I know or that follow me, and Facebook has more of my personal friends / people I know face to face.

So I have decided to stop forwarding ALL of my Twitter chat to Facebook. I will now segregate the two; personal posts I will put on Facebook, and church-related posts will be on Twitter. Sure, there will be a bit of bleed over, but in general this is the way I am going to try to keep it.

Of note: I do still have a way to directly post something from Twitter to Facebook. If I add the hashtag "#fb" to the end of a tweet, it will also update my Facebook status. So, if anyone sees "#fb" in any of my posts, just know that this means it is going to Twitter AND Facebook.

So, if there is anyone out there that follows me on Twitter but wants to know my personal side (of if you play Farmville), befriend me on Facebook. If you are my friend on Facebook but also want to see my techie side, follow me on Twitter. If you don't follow me at either place and have been refreshing my blog every day in hopes of me posting an update... then give me a call, we need to talk.

In all seriousness, I want to apologize to those people that follow my blog. I never intentionally stopped posting here, I just found a better and easier way of communicating on the internet (Facebook and Twitter). I simply haven't felt the need to update my blog when most people follow me on the FB or the TW. So really, if you don't follow me at either of those places, please do, because obviously you won't be seeing much of me online if you don't!