This is a Diz project if I have ever seen one...

Friday, April 29, 2005
All you have to do is print it out, cut it, and glue it together, and you can have your own 3D Paper Mario and friends!!


Oh my friggin gosh!!

You think iPods are expensive here?
The Netherlands just passed the "iPod tax." A 60 gig iPod now costs an extra $250 because of it!!
Read more about it.


Which Gas is best?

My local news station did a 3 minute story on which gas is best. Is it better to pay the extra $.20???
Find out yourself! (60MB, right click, save as)
For viewing, I recommend VLC, an open source video program (it is free, it can go full screen, and it is for all operating systems).
Hope you watch it... it sure changed the way I buy gas!


Boy, am I pissed...

Thursday, April 28, 2005
I just lost in Poker to a girl that has never played before, and ZERO idea what she is doing...
But then again, the first time I played, I won (but I knew what I was doing)!


For the very geeky...

Darth Vader's Blog


I can't believe...

I can't believe it, but I did it. I talked someone out of buying a Mac.
See, a friend was at Best Buy, and he called me up asking about the Mac Minis. I talked him into waiting two days, because the new OS was coming out in less than 48 hours.
So we are going next week to buy him one.
So... ya...


A post about me!!!

Well, I don't have any great links this time (only a few good ones...), so I figured I would post about me for once...
Life is same-old-same-old. I have a Latin text on Friday, which is going to suck. The rest of my classes are boring...
So, nothing new...
Oh well.


Oh, how much work I have to do...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
but this is too cool!!!
This is a 2 minute commercial of a Rube Goldberg device made out of car parts! It took 606 takes to get everything right!
First, read all about it at Snopes, who proves that it is true. Then watch it from one of their links!
Tooo cool...


A new way to drive...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
This is going to be the next way to drive!


Well, this is unexpected...

Monday, April 25, 2005
I never thought that I would say this, but it looks like there is not going to be a Star Wars TV show... THERE ARE GOING TO BE TWO!!!! Check it out at Slashdot.



Check this site out, it is pretty cool!

You can use this link to a photo: (it is the one you see on the left)


See, God does work in mysterious ways!

Sunday, April 24, 2005
Well, I really NEED to take Sign Language Semester 1 next semester, but I had not signed up for it yet because I cannot sign up for any of my other classes yet (long story). So I was laying here tonight, and I was like "Maybe I should sign up for ASL now, and sign up for my other classes later..." So I went on to sing up for ASL, and I took the last seat in the class. I am so grateful! *Whew* no more Latin!!
God does work in mysterious ways!


My review of "Nemesis Game"

Well, I saw Nemesis Game this weekend, and I am kinda mixed about it. The plotline is about riddles, and how if you can figure out the riddle of life, you can figure out "the design." Ummm... ya... (I can't say too much more or it gives things away)
The movie was great, it had great suspense, great acting, great story line.... until the last 5 minutes of the movie. Total let down. Worse than Episode 1. Ya, that bad.
So I have to give Nemesis Game a 4 out of 5. "Why such a high rating when the ending sucked so bad" you might ask. Well, the answer: the rest of the movie was great!!! If it even had a mediocre ending, it would be a 5 out of 5, the rest of the movie was so good. So, would I recommend this movie? Yes, as long as that person knows the ending sucks, and they shouldn't expect a lot (although, if you don't like riddles / weird suspense movies, this one isn't for you!).


This one is for Diz!

Movie and other interesting fonts, fun to look at, sometimes useful!
Also check out their root directory for "A Total of 6080 Free Fonts"


Is it true? Who knows? But it is still funny!

This is a great story about why hackers shouldn't hack...
Link (warning: some foul language in the article)
Other great links I found today:
Make a fire from a can of coke and a chocolate bar!
And for those that think that bigger is better, please go to This site makes small URLs, and makes them huge (it is the opposite of, which takes big URLs and makes them small). Kinda fun to play with...
Well, have fun!


And for those who want to be VERY accurate with their math...

Saturday, April 23, 2005
Pi to one MILLION decimal places/


Photo: Real, or Hoax?

(this one is for Diz)
This is a website that lets you test to see if you can tell a real photo from a hoax. I got 9/10 (stupid Michael Jackson), but it helped that I looked at Snopes...


Cool links of the day...

Here are the cool links of the day, thanks to
How often do you use certain words?
Man builds jet propelled port-a-potty
Insane Video of French Police Attack Dogs (think Altos)
The "oops" list! (I almost didn't post this, 90% of the photos are of aircraft, but there are a few good ones in there...)
Free Simpsons music (MP3s) (this may excite some of you more than others)
Convert MP3s to Cell Phone Ringtones Free! (only works if your phone has full internet capabilities... too bad my doesn't!)
And for those with too much time on their hands, the human clock, where they post a different picture every minute of the day! Joy!!

Well, thats it, hope you have enjoyed!


The Return Of The Screen Savers

Just off SlashDot: The Return Of The Screen Savers (ROTSS)!!!! wweeeeee!!!
Find out more at Leo's Website, or go to the direct download (right click).
Have fun!!


OK, my funny for today...

Friday, April 22, 2005
I figured mother would like this one...


Boyfriend Kills Lover's Husband After Discovered Living in Closet

Thursday, April 21, 2005
OK, this goes under the "too weird to be made up" category:
Link to the story
So, to dramatize the story:
Husband is cleaning around the house one afternoon, and he hears a strange noise from his closet. He opens it up, and there is a guy sleeping in there (the noise was the guy's snores). Turns out the guy is his wife's lover, and has been living in the closet for 4 MONTHS!!! So he tells the guy, get out. Husband then goes for a walk, and when he gets back, Lover is still there, but this time with a gun. Lover then forces Husband into bathtub where he beats him to death.

Moral of the story: Clean out your closets more often!


"Our Lady of the Underpass"

Umm, these guys need to re-evaluate how they spend their time...

These people see the Virgin Mary in a salt stain under an overpass....
Link Here


Funny videos of the day...

OK, these are some videos I saw that I thought were hilarious... and you know I wouldn't post them if I didn't want you to see them...
(all videos need Windows Media Player)

First one is for everyone from my generation... (that means you, Diz!)
Video 1 (right click, save as) (8.8 MB)

Next we have a music video we should all memorize...
Video 2 (right click, save as) (6.7 MB)

The next one answers a good question: Who would win, a Katana or a 6mm Gun?
Video 3 (right click, save as) (1 MB)

And this last one answers a follow up question: Who would win, a Katana or a Machine Gun?
Video 4 (right click, save as) (8.6 MB)



OK, Quiz time...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
OK, here is a quiz:
Are you an idiot??

So, how did you do?



OK, I think my suite mate is high...
He is watching Duck Tales, and is laughing at the top of his lungs every 10 seconds...
Dude, the show is for 5 year olds!!! Get a life!


Who wants my left over Easter candy?

Lets see, I have 3 Cadbery eggs (two creme, one carmel), one slightly larger hollow chocolate egg, and 4 jaw breakers (2 yellow, one red, one green, individually wrapped).
Any takers??


Bring Back Joan!!!

Joan (of Arcadia... the TV show) is again on the cusp of being canceled...
TVGuide Story


My Poem:

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
I look forward to the day,
that I can sit back and laugh,
at my life as it is;
this decrepit sow;

Because when I reach that day,
I will be one or the other:
famous and successful,
or worse off than now.

-Matthew Kelling

Just another day...

Well, another day at school, another day wasted (no, not ME wasted, the DAY was wast... oh forget it!)
Any who, the new Pope was selected today... he is 78... umm, ya....
And... well, that is all I have to say today!
But I do need to give a shout out... Charlie, Denise, Rocky, Liss.... Yall know where yall stand in my heart... right next to everyone else that is reading this! =: >
Any who, until next time, stay True.... what ever that means!


My first blog...

OK, well, I created a blog. Whop de doo.
Why you might ask? Well, I was tired of e-mailing my friends and family every 5 minutes with cool news and websites (and I am sure that they were sick of it too!) So, I figured I could just post stuff here and EVERYONE can see it!! Yay! or something.
Any who, ummm... OK, so I am new to this, so be nice to me...
I don't have anything fun to post today, so I guess I will just leave it at that.