Strange from the start....

Friday, February 08, 2008
I read an article from Fox News. I saw the headline, and thought, "wow, this guy is messed up." Then I read the rest of the article:

Cops: Dad Used Utility Knife to Circumcise 2 Infant Sons
DALLAS, N.C. — Investigators say a man has been charged with child abuse in Caldwell County for circumcising his two infant sons with a utility knife.

Authorities said 32-year-old Johnny Eric Marlowe fathered children with his legal wife and another woman who live in their home. One gave birth to a boy at their home in the rural Kings Creek community in November 2005, and the other gave birth to a boy there four months later.

Caldwell County Sheriff's Detective Shelly Hartley said Marlowe denied the women prenatal care in both cases and circumcised the boys when they were 8 days old.

Marlowe later moved to Gaston County and is serving a 150-day jail sentence there on charges of resisting a public officer, assault on a female and multiple counts of child neglect.

Marlowe had a total of 11 children with the two women.

OK, really. So this guy has a "legal wife", a live-in mistress, and ELEVEN children... And ya, who would take a knife to his own children? I am sure glad MY dad didn't do that!

Oh, and for the quote of the day:
'LOST' video game should involve Ben shooting you, inexplicably regaining your trust, then repeatedly shooting you again. Forever.
~Merlin Mann