Dear Oh Deer, Not Again!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Four years ago I was driving into Bryan to see my friend. As I was exiting the highway a deer ran out in front of my car and I struck it, doing $5,000+ worth of damage to Jackie (my car). You can read all about it (including pictures) as well as read about the theological lesson I learned from that experience at my blog post "Oh Dear, I hit a Deer! The lesson I learned from hitting a 6 point buck".

Tonight it happened again, but thankfully this time there was far less damage.

This time I was leaving Bryan from spending time with that same friend. I was just leaving town and was in a 75MPH speed zone when I saw three or more deer materialize out of the dark in the middle of the road. I quickly swerved to my left while slamming on the breaks. (Note that this time I saw the deer much earlier than I saw it last time. I had a bit more time to react where as last time I didn't see it until it was too late to react.)

 photo 2013-05-27210111.jpg

My swerving took me into the median in the middle of the highway and after 25 yards I had slowed down and was able to drive back onto the road to survey the damage. (In the above picture you can see the tire tracks I left as I swerved off of the road as well as my car in the top right of the image.)

Amazingly I must have barely nicked the deer's head because the only damage (even at full speed) was a broken turn light and a crack in the plastic near the turn light.

 photo 2013-05-27205353.jpg

On a side note: This corner of my car (the front passenger corner) must have some bad luck! When I bought it there was a crack in the fender there (they claimed the vehicle was not parked correctly and rolled down their driveway and hit a garbage can). Then there was the aforementioned hitting of the last deer. And don't forget the time I lost traction in the rain and hit a guardrail. Now this makes the FORTH time that corner of my car has sustained damage!

Anywho, I am once again very blessed to walk away with practically zero harm done from what could have been a horrific accident. I am thankful for God's protection in my life as well as the safety features of my vehicle.

Oh, and one last reminder: When you drive in Texas at night: KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!!!