Tuesday, February 19, 2008
We have all heard the Creationism/Intelligent Design discussion in an open minded way and have picked our sides.


Maybe not. Maybe a country that stands for free speech is ostracizing any scientist that would question Creationism. Maybe ideas that would be fine in Einstein's day are being met with hostility in MLK's day.

This is the subject of Ben Stein's documentary "Expelled". It is not a debate on our origins, it is a look at the hostility towards any scientist who questions Darwin. Coming out later this month, it looks great!

I would recommend watching the "Super Trailer", as it has a good summary of the movie.



Helen Hurley said...

Wow, that is really interesting. I've had lots of issues with this, even at Baylor. It just seems that there isn't even a language in science that doesn't include Darwinist ideas. If you want to talk about mammals, for instance, you have to talk about how "closely related" they are to other mammals via a "common ancestor"... yeah, I'm really interested in this movie.