Sunday, February 17, 2008
So, I am watching the new "Night Rider" which appeared on NBC tonight.

Lets see:
tacky 80's remake because the writers are on strike: check
cheesy TV visual graphics: check
terrible writing (see above): check
even worse acting: check
some guy owing a loan shark $90,000: check
in the first five minutes showing:
1) one of the main characters waking up with a naked girl: check
1.5) in the same scene another girl in a swimsuit getting into bed with the two aforementioned persons: check
2) another of the main characters bathing in her bathing suit on the beach at sunrise (can anyone say BAYWATCH?): check
2.5) the aforementioned girl walking into her beach front flat to find a naked GIRL in HER bed: check

Ya, this isn't looking too good.


PS: I was typing that last sentence and had a typo: "Ya, this isn't looking too god." Freudian slip maybe?