An Apple a week?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
During the 20008 MacWorld Keynote, Steve Jobs said that they had come out with a new product every week so far this year, and "we still have 50 more weeks to go." At the time, I figured it was a hyperbole, but now look:

January 8th: Mac pros
15th: MacWorld / MacBook Air
22nd: Pink iPod Nanno
29th: iWork update
February 5th: updated iPhone and iPod Touch
12th: Aperture 2.0, 10.5.2, AppleTV Take 2

So far, Apple has come out with a new product / update every week since the beginning of the year (minus the first week). I think that Apple is trying to get away from the "two announcements a year" model and more into "we are an exciting company that is always innovating" model. I think that it would be totally awesome if Apple came out with something new every week this year! You can't say that about Microsoft!

Also, this is huge for advertising. The buzz generated by slowly releasing things is much larger than when you do it all at once... at least this way, the buzz can't be blamed on "drinking the Kool-Aid."

What are your thoughts?



gail said...

maybe it should be an Apple a week keeps the Dark Ones away

Matt said...

Yeah, I would be frightened if Microsoft came out with a new product every week. Then I'd be downloading updates, patches, and new firmware every week too. This will be kind of cool to see over the next year...