Friday, January 04, 2008
Today was a fun day!

I was on a film set! No, not a student film, not even a video shoot.

Fred Watkins, one of my professors, is the director of a low-budget film called "Suitable for Murder." The main actor is played by Jackson Bostwick, most known for playing Captain Marvel in Shazam! in the mid 70's. The movie is about some college kids who go around killing people, or something. I really don't know. Oh, and there is a bloody pigs head.

Anywho, the first interesting thing is that I am Jackson's chauffeur. IE: I drive him to and from the set in Rhonda (my truck, for those of you that have a short memory). It is interesting to be driving around a "big star." Actually, he is a cool guy, and we talk while driving, everything from his experiences as an actor to religion.

The second interesting thing is what we shot today: Jackson. Not only did we film Jackson today, but he got shot, three times in the chest. His co-actress was also shot, and one of the bad guys was shot in the leg. It was pretty cool to be on set with guns firing blanks, squibs going off everywhere, and Jackson falling into the pool when it was 40 degrees outside. All this on my first day on the set!

Oh, and for those people out there that hate Apple: link



Helen said...

What? So your job is to drive people to their certain death? That doesn't seem very nice. What also isn't very nice is that I have your Christmas present, and you don't. You've been on my list of people to call, so now that I've publically posted this fact, I can't procrastinate anymore, right?