Time Machine to the rescue!

Friday, January 25, 2008
So I got new internet today! Yea, it works!

For a while I was having problems with my e-mail... I could not check for new messages. So after calling tech support (both Sara and Charter), it still wasn't fixed. So I tried something for myself...

I tried making a new account to get the mail, but it wouldn't let me because I was already using that address for an account (IE: the one that wasn't working). So I went in and changed my old account information, then created the new account. The new account worked fine. So I deleted it and changed the old account to match the default information of the new account, and it worked! Yea, e-mail problem solved!

Or so I thought. I thought that I had a meeting tomorrow, so I went into my e-mail to see what time it was, and... the message was blank. In fact, all of the messages in my account were blank! Apparently, in changing my settings, it deleted all of the messages (or something).

At first, I thought all was lost, then I remembered one of the features of the Leopard: Time Machine. I activated Time Machine, went back to when I still had the information, then hit the "Restore" button. Like magic, in 30 seconds (from the time I activated Time Machine) all of my messages were back! Yea!

Time Machine: 1
Corrupt Files: 0



Swing said...

Yay! I wouldn't be as happy to provide tech support on Saturday... lol