Stupid internet 2...

Thursday, January 24, 2008
So, I told you that I was fed up with my internet. Well, today, I ordered new service.

I went with Charter. It is $40 a month for internet and basic cable (I am getting cable free right now, but I am sure that once the Charter guy comes to install my internet, he will notice that I am getting free cable and cut it off, so I am paying an extra $10 a month for something that I have been getting free for 8 months).

Anywho, it is not a 1 year contract like I thought, they just guarantee the cheep price for a year, I can cancel at any time. And somehow I got $10 knocked off of the installation charge. Sweet.

The bad part: I have already paid for my current service until the middle of next month, IE: three more weeks. But right now, it is worth the extra money to GET INTERNET THAT WORKS!!!!