Tuesday, January 08, 2008
I just started the book "Sarah" of the series "Women of Genesis" by Orson Scott Card. I already have two great quotes:
"Old lies are passed along, not by new liars, but by new fools." page 22
"I trust in God, not to save me from death, but to save my soul when I die." page 25



Matt said...

Ummmm, why are you reading Biblical commentary by Card? You know that he's not a Christian, right? He's a Mormon.

Have you read Spurgeon? Piper? Chesterton? Even John Wesley would be better than someone who is not reading from the same Bible that you are. Yes, the Mormons read something called the "Bible" but their's has John 1:1 as saying "In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word was A god." Yes, apparently Jesus was A god, and not the same as THE God.

Anyhow, just be careful getting spiritual insight from someone who isn't a Christian.

Katanna said...

The book is not Biblical commentary, it is historical fiction. It is the story of Abraham told from the view of Sarah. A good book (so far).

Card has some neat ideas, but I don't look to him for spiritual guidance. Yes, I know that he is Mormon, and some of his books reflect that ("Folk of the Fringe", for example, has mostly Mormon characters). But most of his books have no (or almost no) Mormon characters. For example, in the Enders Series, Enders' mom is Mormon, but that is only mentioned once or twice in four books. Most of the books are filled with a Catholic religion (which I think he criticizes in the books).

But yes, you are right, we all need to be careful when we get spiritual insight.


Matt said...

Okay, that's reassuring. It sounded like a commentary.