Driver to the... wha?

Friday, January 04, 2008
First, I have to say that I did not make this up. This is actually true.

I got our call sheet today (the sheet of paper that tells people when to be on set the next day), and I flipped it over to the back where everyone working is listed. This is what I saw:

Don't see it? Let me help.

Still don't see it? This might bring it out a bit:

Yup. As of right now, my official title is "Driver to the Star." And I had nothing to do with it! (PS: I changed others' last names to protect the innocent, whatever that means)

In off topic news: Check out the guy that creates amazing pieces of art in Photoshop 3. No, I didn't say CS3, I said PS 3.0! Includes videos and other cool stuff.