A new house!

Friday, November 02, 2007
So, lets say that you live in a house. It is a nice house (at least it was a few years ago when you moved in), but a newer and better house just became available down the street. The new house is not much more expensive than the one you already have. Your current house is nice, you have treated it well, but you constantly think about all of the great things in the new house. So much so that you write long blog posts about all of the great things in the new house, and how everyone from apartments will be moving into this style of house because it is so great...

Umm, ya...

So then you ponder getting the new house, going back and forth, until one day while walking across campus you stop by the bookstore and buy that new house (for the bargain price of $74.56), but you don't open it until the next day.

For the next 24 hours you pack up your old house, still not sure if you are moving, but just in case. You put all of your crap (and you have a lot of it, let me tell you!) in boxes and on external hard drives so that nothing will be lost in the move.

Then, the next day, after you finish your shift at Chick-fil-A, you take the plunge and move into that new house. It has that new house feel, that new house smell, and everything is as great as you thought it would be.

Except all of your crap is still in boxes! And when you get things out of boxes (called .dmgs), and put them on the shelf, they aren't where they were used to be, so you have to go in and change their preferences so that they are the same as before. All of this unpacking takes time and energy, most of which makes you forget about the new house smell and the new house feel. You even forget about the cool new features of the new house because you are so frustrated with unpacking and re-prefrencing.

So that night (your first night) you go to bed early because you don't feel like unpacking any more.

Lets say that all of that is true.... and.... ummm.... shoot, I lost my train of thought.

Good night.



Anonymous said...

Are you saying that there is no feature to copy your preferences to the new system for you? That would be useful.

The first thing I think of when I see '.dmgs' is damages. That doesn't really mean anything, but that's what I was thinking anyway.

Katanna said...

Ya, you can upgrade over top of the old system and leave everything there, but I choose to reformat the system, deleting everything and starting over.


gail said...

i am going to send you a housewarming gift!!!!

congrats and i hope it gives you LOTS of years of fun!!!

Matt said...

HAHA!! You didn't see this coming?? Come ON, it might be Apple, but they can't read your mind, silly ;-) Yeah, I know how you feel. Sometimes I just decide to adapt instead of putting everything back the way that I had it. There was this one time when I tried to install and dual-boot SuSE on my WinXP machine and it killed the whole hard drive. And nope, I didn't back it up either ;-) So yeah, I was temporarily defeated by the technology monster, but I slowly gained ground over the next few weeks and eventually had everything back the way that I liked it. I feel you, bro.