Christmastime is here!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Seeing as people need to know these types of things soon, I thought that I would go ahead and post my Christmas Wish List (yes, I am more selfish than Stephen who doesn't want anything). One note: I am posting this open list, but I don't want duplicates, so I leave it up to YOU ALL to pass along what you got me so that I don't get 5 of something. Also, I know that part of my family will not be participating in giving gifts this year, and that is cool. This is just a list for people who want to know.

Here goes:
Serenity Collector's Edition DVD ($20, Amazon link)
A watch (I was going to give you all of these parameters of what I want, but then I thought it would be neat to be surprised)
A new mouse (wired or wireless, I don't care)
iLife '08 (if you want to splurge: $70 from Amazon)
a wireless router with "bridging" capabilities (ask Jimmy)
a new mouse (nothing fancy)
iTunes gift cards (available at any retail store, usually near cash registers)
and of course, cash is always welcome.

Or you could just be creative and get me whatever you feel like.

I am sure I will append this list as I get more ideas.



Matt said...

Good to know. Also good to know that you're graduating this year (same time as Helen). I vote for no class in the spring because then you'll be more free to chill when I'm there ;-) Hey! Maybe you could even come up to NC! We'll have to see...

gail said...

maybe you should have said Christmas/graduation gifts...........

'specially since 99.9% of your family isn't exchanging this year.........................