Urbex Update

Thursday, March 06, 2008
I thought that I would update you guys on my fundraising for Urbex, my mission trip to Washington DC in two weeks.

I am excited to announce that so far I have raised $1,455! Truly, God has blessed my life! That is 264.55% of what I asked for! God continues to show me that I am surrounded with family and love in ways that I can only imagine.

If you have recently sent me a check, or are still planning on it, don't worry. They said that the expenses were more than they expected because air fare was more than expected. If you would still like to donate money, I would recommend one of the links that I included at the end of this post.

Thanks again for showing love and support for what I do!


PS: News story of the day: Would you be exposed to Malaria (which kills 1 million people a year) for a little cash? linky


Helen said...

Yay! I'm glad God provided for you so greatly! Yeah, stupid gas prices make everything more expensive. Stinky. And I don't think you could pay me enough for the malaria thing. There are better people than I who are willing to do that.