Saturday, March 15, 2008
Before I go, one last thing.

I am reading "Showdown" by Ted Dekker. It started off slow, but has become a really good book. I would best describe the first half of the book like this:
1) Get a decent author.
2) Put a copy of "The Visitation" by Frank E. Peretti in front of him.
3) Give him an empty book and a pen.
4) Tell the author to copy word for word "The Visitation" into the empty book.
5) After he finishes his first page, shoot the author up with lots of LSD.
6) Enjoy your new book.

Ya, so the first half of the book is a lot like "The Visitation" (minus the back story) except very VERY trippy!!! But something happens (or more precisely, something is explained) halfway through the book that makes it very exciting and a very good book. If you can make it through the first half, you will love the second half! (Oh, and don't read it until you have read "Black", "Red", and "White")

So any way, here are my favorite taken-out-of-context quotes from the book:
"'Love is the purest expression of selflessness. It is the desire to please at the expense of one's own sense of need.'" (page 171)
"'Trust me, seeing has very little to do with believing. Belief is a matter of the heart, not the eyes.'" (210)
"'Every good thing is worthy of celebration.'" (248)

The last one is so true! When was the last time that you celebrated a good thing in your life?