8 hours...

Saturday, March 15, 2008
In 8 hours I will be on my way to Washington DC, my first mission trip in three years! Yea!

They have told us from the beginning that we should not bring our cell phones and iPods. RRIIIIIGGHHTT! I was planing on bringing my iPod Shuffle for the plane ride (I already have a back log of Dave Ramsey), and I was going to turn off my cell phone, but bring it and check my voice mail every once in a while.

Then I thought: why? Why should I go against their wishes? Why do my wants supersede their wants? Why do I always have to be in control?

So I have decided to not bring my cell phone OR my iPod! And I probably won't be able to check my e-mail, RSS feeds, forums, or even Woot.com! Big news for someone who is always plugged into the internet.

So if you try calling, all you will hear is a cute message that I will record before I leave in the morning. And of course, no blog updates for a week. SORRY!