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Thursday, October 04, 2007
OK, JOOST is my favorite new friend/program/anything!

It is the best IPTV program ever! You run the program (yes, they have a Windows version too) and you can watch free TV, movies, shows, lots of things! Some items are made for JOOST, some are abbreviated episodes, but some are full movies/TV shows!

And all free!

For example, I missed last week's NCIS. So I go to, type in NCIS, click on the episode I want to watch, and hit play. That simple!



EDIT: After watching a full episode, I am happy with the service.
(almost) no commercials!
OK quality
Full episodes for free!
(mostly) stutter free!

During the entire hour show, there were only three commercials... or there was one commercial, three times, spread throughout the show. Very impressive that they can get away with 45 minutes of content with only 1.5 minutes of commercials!
The video needs de-interlacing BAD!!!
The video is presented in fixed letterbox, like you would see the show on a regular TV. See, in HD, the widescreen would fill the entire TV, but in HD, it adds the black on top and bottom; on my wide screen, it adds the black on top and bottom AND both sides... it should be exported AS widescreen, not letterboxed.
Slightly choppy, although, when it was bad, I would just pause it for a sec (let it buffer) and then play it again. Impressive for my slow connection!

Overall, I give it a B+ Good job on execution, just needs some work on the details.

Oh, and I got my internet back!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!



gail said...

you think THIS kid is something?!?!?!?

just wait till Drew can reach the computer...... with his mom AND dad AND cool uncle matthew AND Matt AND Stephen behind him........ this kid will just be another geek

tee hee