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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
It is funny... not HAHAHA funny, not HAHA funny, not even (ha) funny, but ironic funny.

I made that long post about Leopard, and I had pretty much decided to get it soon, even asking for my birthday present to be money earmarked for that purchase.

But then I thought, why? Do I really need it? Sure, there are some great features, and I will get it eventually, but is it worth the $70 to get a prettier looking OS? Or would the money be better at paying off debt, or maybe even given to a local church?

So after I had decided on buying it, I thought against it, thinking I will just get it later, and I would ask for money to be earmarked for me getting out of debt ("Kicking Sallie Mae out of the spare bedroom" is what Dave Ramsey would say... but I live in an efficiency... hmm.....).

But now that I type it, my thoughts are: "If I am going to get it in three months for $60 on e-bay anyway, why not just get it for $70 now?" I guess something deep down (some would call it the Holy Spirit) is making me feel bad about spending money on myself. But I can't figure out why.

Any thoughts?



Matt said...

It's okay to spend money on yourself. The problem is WHY you're spending money on yourself. Here's the quick version. What's the single most worshipful thing that you can do to glorify God? Nope, not sing really loud. Nope, not speak in tongues. Nope, not lead someone else to Christ. Nope, not preaching (sorry Spart).

The single most worshipful thing that you can do to glorify God is to enjoy the blessings that He's given you. If God didn't want us to enjoy having nice things, then He would have told us so.

When this becomes a problem is when you enjoy the gift more than you enjoy the Giver. HE gave you the job, HE gave you the money, HE's giving you the cool toy that you are allowed to enjoy. Just be sure that 1) you enjoy is as a gift and 2) that you don't neglect your responsibilities. If you can get it cheaper, that would be the most Godly thing to do. It would not be Godly to pretend that pleasure is something God didn't want us to enjoy.

spartacus976 said...

how is getting it cheaper more Godly?

and I'd like to hear more on the best thing to do is just to enjoy what he gave us...

is not worship of him the best (which brings him the most glory), not singing necessarily, but just worship in general (which, by the way is not a lifestyle)