Two is better than one!

Saturday, September 29, 2007
Tonight's post is a two-for-one!

First: Thanks everyone for your support about my post the other day. I have received support here, on the phone, and via e-mail. It is good to know that I have a support group built into my family. It is also good that my fight is not for naught... Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one on the planet that has made this decision; now I know that I am not alone, and it is worth fighting.

Second: Tonight I drove down to Fort Worth for my brother's birthday party. Do you know what is the worst part about going to a brother's birthday party? You have to get him a present. For example, if you go to a friend's party, you can slip in late and not bring anything; or you can find an excuse ("I didn't know about it until an hour ago"); or you could just hope that a hug is enough.

BUT NOT when he is your BROTHER!

Oh, and what sucks even more: My birthday is in THIRTY NINE days! If I don't get him anything, HE WILL REMEMBER, and get me coals or something. However, if he forgets to get me something, than I have an entire ELEVEN MONTHS to forget about it.


Life is so unfair.


PS: I ended up giving him a TV antenna. I bought it for myself, but never needed it; on the other hand, he needs it bad! Oh, and it was cheap. It works out.


gail said...

so you are thinking NOW tht since you got him a cheap present that he iwll get you something nice?!?!? And what did you get his lovely wife?!?!?!?!?!?

Swing said...