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Monday, September 24, 2007
Ever wanted to watch me sleep?

Ya, me neither. But now you can!

I am trying a new program Dream Recorder. It is kinda fun; it records you while you sleep, and by watching how often you move, it can tell what sleep state you are in. Then, it can wake you at the best possible time.

While I won't spend the $45 on the program, it will be fun to try for 15 days.

Anywho, it creates web pages of the reports, so go check mine out!


In the video, the red things are my feet (my computer is at the foot of my bed). You can see my green alarm clock on the left, and the large blue square is my window (which you can see brighten in the last few frames). A frame is taken every two minutes.




gail said...

you do come up with the most interesting free things.......................

Swing said...

Sounds cool... but the stupid quicktime plugin (or lack of?) crashed my browser.

One more notch in the exceedingly long "Why Sara hates QT list..."

Katanna said...

So, let me get this straight. You don't like QuickTime because it has a program that auto runs (you can turn off the auto run) and it takes over your media files even though you ask it not to. I understand that, I really do.

So you don't have it installed, and Firefox, or (even worse) IE crashes because you don't have a program you don't like, therefore you don't like that program more?

I am confused. Seams like you have miss-directed anger.

I need to get you away from Jimmy more; then you might start to like this "Apple Kool-Aid" some.
=: >


Swing said...

I think it was Firefox, but I don't remember. It was on my laptop which is (admittedly) screwed up enough on its own.

So at the risk of entering the debate... my official statement is this:

"I, Swing, have no desire at this time (Kook-aid or otherwise) to begin using an operating system built around that QT program which I hate"

Diplomatic enough for ya? lol

Anonymous said...

...Not to mention that it (the windows version of QT player) doesn't have any uninstall utility to allow you to uninstall it once it is there. And it has an annoying call-home-and-bother-the-user-if-they-don't-have-the-latest-version-every-week feature that can't be disabled. Acrobat reader has this feature also and it is equally annoying; but at least acrobat doesn't bother you unless you actually open the application (only a slightly better situation).

Sun's java engine has all of these annoying features as well (but I was able to get it to stop bothering me about updates every week somehow).

For me, it is not so much bothersome that it checks for updates, but how disruptive it feels when it demands the user's attention upon finding an update.

Why has Apple refused to release a standard codec for QT format media, which would allow playback of QT in any media player that the customer chooses? Many other media formats have such codecs readily available, or even openly shared.

FWIW: my browser did not crash at that site, though I obviosly did not view the clips due to lacking a QT codec.

More on-topic: That is a really interesting application. I have always wondered about my own sleep habits, and I've been tempted to record myself sleeping too.