Tired, but good

Monday, September 24, 2007
Today has been a long, tiring day, but good!

I was supposed to meet a client of mine out of town this morning at 8, so I was up by 7. She called me at 7:20 and canceled. I didn't have to be in class until 11. Three and a half hours to do nothing, and I was already tired... but I knew I couldn't go back to sleep.

So, I got some other random work done (like the post early this morning). I also turned in my graduation application... a week late, but I am now on the road to graduate in December! Yea!

I then went to class (snore), exercised (ouch), more class (double snore), and home to change for Chick-fil-A. Now the second good thing happened to me...

Last weekend, I left my iPod Shuffle in my brother's car. He said he would mail it to me, and he finally got around to it mid-week. I was expecting it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... Surely it wouldn't take four days to make the 90 mile trip up I35. So when I didn't have it by Saturday, I had given up hope, and started looking for it on e-bay.

Today, I checked my mail, AND I GOT IT BACK! WEEEE!!! I am so happy!

So off to Chick-fil-A I go. More snooze! The fourth night in a row that I had to work in the back of the store... not bad, just not what I am used to, and not with the people I like to work with. Then, one of my managers said that she had a present for me, and gave me a large cardstock envelope:

A framed Certificate of Scholarship for the scholarship that Chick-fil-A gave me last month. Not as cool as a big check, but cool enough to hang on the wall and make it look like it is important.

Anywho, I have to shower. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good as today.



gail said...

one question.......

WHY would you look for it on ebay?!?!?

the other day I was listening to a commercial on the radio and it was about a customer who wasn’t getting any of his questions answered.... they kept switching him to different departments to talk to. So finally he said something sarcastic and they said, ”Thank you, now we will transfer you to our Sarcastic Department.”

SARCASM DEPARTMENT?!?!? Where was I when that job was listed?!?? I could have been their department head AND trained their people to be SOOOOOO PROFICIENT!! That department would have gotten honor after honor after honor,,,,,,,,

awwhhhhhh man....... the perfect job for me instead of instructing the young minds of the world.........


I COULD instruct these young minds to be sarcastic.......