Jobs Offers Apple Lisa

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Cupertino, CA – Early adopters of the iPhone weren't the only ones receiving in-store credit from Steve Jobs. In an overlooked announcement, Jobs said that early adopters of the Apple Lisa would be receiving a $7000 in-store credit.

Apple released the Lisa in January of 1983 for $9,995, and the similar Macintosh was released a year later for $2,495.

"I've felt bad about people who bought the Lisa for a long time. Anybody who bought one of the first Apple Lisas really got screwed," said Jobs. "Now that we've got some cash, I think it's about time we made it right."

People interested in the refund will need to bring in an original receipt showing they bought the Lisa in 1983 and proof of purchase from the Apple Lisa box. Sales figures from that year show that if all people who bought the computer claim the refund, Apple could be liable for almost $70,000.

Steve Bloughs, who bought a Lisa, said, "When I heard about the iPhone refund, I was furious. The Lisa screw job was much more egregious. I've been waiting over twenty years for Apple to make this right. I'm glad they finally have."

Analysts think that Jobs could be setting a bad precedent which could cost Apple millions. "What about Newton owners? Apple III owners? This could quickly get out of hand," said industry watcher Devon Scanlon from Goldman Sachs.

Apple representatives said that consumers shouldn't expect a refund every time a product bombs or prices drop. These two cases were the "exception rather than the rule."

Shares of Apple stock were down on the news.



Swing said...

I have a feeling Jobs is pretty safe. Tell me - how many people keep both the receipt AND box from a computer they bought 25 years ago?????? Seriously. I doubt Apple will be losing much money over this, though there will be a few people who have to put their houses back together after tearing it up looking for a box and receipt from 1983.

Katanna said...

lol, BTW, it was a "Humor" piece, not for real...


gail said...

that is what I thought - was there really a Lisa Apple? And what is the stuf about the rebate on the iphone? I heard the price dropped - but was it really a rebate?