The longest one so far...

Monday, May 09, 2005
I am ecstatic!!! (that means very happy!)
First, a little background...
I am in an intro film final that I have to get a C or better so that I can go on with my college career. The grade is 30% midterm, 40% paper, 30% final. On the midterm, I got a C, and I didn't feel too good about the paper (I wouldn't know what I got until after the final).
So, needless to say, I was studying like crazy... which for me, was about 3 hours worth. I HAVE to get a C in the class, or I run into major problems. So, as I was studying like crazy, I was praying like crazy. I was praying that I would do my best studying and do my best on the final (I don't believe in praying for "supernatural knowledge," I think that is cheating... I only pray that I do my best). And on my way to the final this morning, I was feeling great! Even after minimal sleep for the past two nights (thanks to some party I went to), I was awake early and very jolly.
Then I saw the final... ouch! He covered some stuff that I didn't think he would, and asked some hard questions. But in the end, I thought I made about a D - C.
So, why am I so ecstatic (or happy, for those that have short term memory loss)? Because after I turned in the final, I got my paper back... and I got an A! And with that A being 40% of the grade, 30% being a C, it would have to be a pretty bad final to not get that C (according to my calculations, I would have to get below about 50% to not get a C in the class).

Also, I cleaned the bathroom today! See, I have to do it by Wednesday, and I thought that it would be a chore, but I was doing nothing today, so I did it, and it turned out to not be a chore! One less thing I have to worry about before I move on Wednesday.

So, I am doing great today!!

On a side note, I do need some prayer. I can't say what it is, but if you could pray for me and the decision I have to make, I would really appreciate it.I don't like keeping yall in the dark about this, and I will let you know once I know something, but right now, it is for the best if I don't say anything right now.


PS: that "some party" I went to was the best party I have been to... thanks for the great time, JEllo!!