Another Long One...

Friday, May 13, 2005
Hey guys, sorry I have been gone for a while, I was rather busy....
Early this week, I took my last finals! I am done with this semester! And I feel great about all of my classes, thank God! I have been thanking God for a lot recently, as I can really see Him performing miracles in my life.
One of those miracles is that he gave me great friends; ones that help you move. Jello, Cagle, and Spartacus (not their real names... kind of) moved all of my stuff from my dorm room into my truck during my last final. They did a great job of moving everything, even stuff I asked them not to. =: > But it turned out perfect, in that when my RA came to check me out, I was literally putting the finishing touches on my cleaning. Thank you so much guys for the work you did. I couldn't have done it with out you.
Now I am moved. Out of the dorm (yay!). And I have nothing to do all day, which is another great thing.
So, overall, thank God for all he has done for me this week!!