Friday, July 04, 2008
I could fill lots of internet pages with stories about what has happened in the last few days (both good and bad), but I am so emotionally and physically drained that I will just post the pictures and tell the stories later (or maybe never).

So anywho, guys, meet Jackie (next to Rhonda for comparison, not that she compares with Rhonda):

Ain't she hot?

And just look at her back end... *whistles*

Jackie is clearly smaller than Rhonda, but I didn't notice how much shorter she is until they were next to each other. She is easily 1.5 feet shorter in the front:

... and well over two feet shorter in the back:

She is all purdy on the inside (6 speed manual, 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder, 3.7 liter... oh, and COLD AC!)

Now, all Jackie needs is a topper:

... and a sticker:

... but I can't find any "I like cotton" stickers online, so Sara, can you PhotoShop that picture and make a sticker for me?



Helen said...

Aww, she is pretty! How exciting! I do look forward to hearing the stories, one way or another. I like that you already named her. Apparently some people think it's odd to name a vehicle... whatever. Dallas likes her name. I think Jackie's name suits her, too. Matt's comment: "The point of grammar is not to follow rules; the point of grammar is to make it understandable." We had a slight issue with the sentence before last. Clearly, I care more. About the fact that you got a new car, not about grammar.

Katanna said...

What grammar issue? I missed a colon, is that what you are talking about?!?!?!?:::;;;'"<>&89#$%^!@?

BTW, for the record: I go out of my way to make all of my grammar and punctuation correct and understandable, so it bothers me that there is something wrong. =: >


gail said...

why the name "Jackie"?!??

Matt said...

HAHAHA!!!! No, not grammar in YOUR post, yours is always impeccable, I might add. Helen's post almost said "Dallas likes her name. I think Jackie suits her, too." Which is not technically incorrect, BUT (as I was quoted) the purpose of grammar is not to follow rules, but to make it understandable. Technicaly speaking, both of Helen's antecedents were unclear. Basically, it would have been hard to tell if she was trying to say "I think 'Jackie' suits Dallas, too." or what she actually did say.

I like the Jeep, man. Good call.

Swing said...

I was working on I Like Cotton before you even asked... hehe ;)