Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Just as I laid down to go to sleep tonight (early, I might add) my mind started doing something that doesn't happen very often: it started to write poetry! Where it came from, I don't know, but I had to get up and type it out.

Tomorrow I may explain what the metaphors are (some are quite obvious, but some aren't). It is a dark poem, but don't worry about me, it is just my darker side getting out. Oh, and I should note that it is raining and thundering here.

Without further ado (what is "ado" any way, and why do we say that?), here is my poem:

By Matthew Kelling

Cold and Dark,
Alone I embrace what I cannot see,
Grasping at what is not there.
I cage myself in this jail
That has no holes or windows
A wide open door
That stays shut.
I have a mirror
That I fool myself into thinking
Can keep me company
I see faces, spaces,
Vast lands that are open and free,
But these faces, spaces,
They are not real,
Just a reflection in my mirror.

The one on my wall.
The girl that I long for,
The girl of my dreams...
The girl that is just like me.
She eludes me.
I cry out for companionship,
Hold me.
But all I find is emptiness.
Without her I am alone.

Alone, dark and alone,
The walls close in around me
As I pity the shell I call myself.
The water dissolves the walls
Leaving me alone
Surrounded by rain and thunder
I drip wet and cold,
The feeling gets old.
The thunder hits my chest
Like a blow that smashes.
The lightning crashes
Only illuminating sparks
Then go black.

But I am not alone,
He is always there with me,
By my side,
Holding when I shun those that hold,
Shelter when I am wet and cold,
Comforting when I am alone.
I cannot be alone
With Christ by my side.

I am free,
I fly high
As a bird, as a plane,
Falls all around me
Washing and purifying.
It refreshes as it splashes
On my face.
The lightening shows I am not alone
Surrounded by angels
While the thunder reminds me
That I am not God.
But He is,
And He is with me.



Katanna said...

Thanks voyager529 for my first review: "eerily emo".



Matt said...

Haha, I don't think it is. It actually follows the pattern of David's darker Psalms. He went through some pretty dark times when he thought that he was alone, but all of his Psalms come back to the fact that God is going to take care of him, just like yours does.