Thursday, October 30, 2008
OK, I have to say I now somewhat regret posting my post "The Bible vs. Culture" the other night. I say "somewhat" because I regret classifying my two churches as extreme. I shouldn't have portrayed the two churches as I did, because it was not accurate to do so. I somewhat understood this at the time, which is why I had disclaimers in there, but still, I feel bad about saying bad things about my churches that have only done amazing things in my life. I am sorry.

But, just as McCain said "The fundamentals of the economy are strong", the fundamentals of my post were/are strong. I am going to two churches that disagree with each other, and that is not helping me.

The good news is that changes are being made. Because AUMC has a Sunday night service which I need to start attending, I have sent in my "resignation" to the guy at DBC; I wont be volunteering there any more. This saddens me much, because I fully believe that it was during my volunteering at the Tuesday night service of DBC that I first felt my calling for church media. Sure, before that I had worked at AUMC, but it was always a passive thing; I enjoyed doing it, but I was not personally involved with the service.

Because of the way that the sanctuary was set up in the old building at DBC I was able to (while volunteering) worship WITH the congregation, I for the first time found that I could lead worship from the booth. It was that that made me find my new passion in life: media ministry.

Anywho, I am rambling now. Off to bed... that is, after I write a blog post for my other blog.



Matt said...

"There's a very old saying: Never change anything... ever. ...I've been saying it for years." -Adrian Monk