Idols part 3

Monday, October 20, 2008
(If you haven't yet, go down and read "Idols" and "Idols part 2", the previous two posts.)

The funny thing is, I started the "Idols part 2" post as something different. Sure, it turned out to be something that I had thought out already, but I had set out to say something different. So I just decided to make a third post about idols, rather than make a posts about two different subjects (the same topic, but different subjects).

What I had wanted to say was this: I believe that my "dearest idol I have known" (as the song put it) is money. This last year I have idolized money. I have centered my life on making money instead of centering my life on working for God.

This post actually fits very close with my recent post "A new leaf, maybe?". I am trying to not let money control my life. Yes, I am still planning on moving in December to save $100 a month, but there will be many more benefits than that. I am also trying to not be distraught over my "financial situation" (as I like to call it). Really, I should just call it what it is: I am broke.

In the past few months, I have been stressing out over being broke... and the economic failout isn't helping matters. I have been worrying about how I will pay back my debts; instead, I should be thinking about how to bring glory to Christ. Yes, I should be financially responsible, but stressing over money doesn't help anything.

So anywho, I just wanted to share my idol with you. Please pray with me that I am able to dethrone my idol of money, that I stop seeing what I want to buy, and instead see what I can do with what I have. Pray that I am reminded that money is an earthly object, and that I am reminded to focus on Heavenly goals instead.



Matt said...

You're absolutely right. Remember that the difference between "responsible concern" and "worry" is when "responsible concern" distracts you from important things (like God). Worry is the lack of trust that God's ways are all and always good. Worry is also the prideful thought that we are in control of something. Everyone has choices, even bad choices sometimes, but God has choices too. Those are my two favorite words in all of scripture: "but God..." Adam should have been executed, but God... Esau traded away his birthright, but God... Moses should have been killed, but God... Solomon fell into paganism, but God...

I was an enemy of God and destined to be the object of His eternal wrath, but God had a choice. And God's choices trump our choices... thank the Lord.