Saturday, October 11, 2008
So yesterday I filled up with gas: $2.999 a gallon! Woop! The first full tank of gas less than $60 in a long time! And I saw a place today for $2.879! We are dropping fast!

On a related note, why is the media not covering the drop like they covered the rise? I know this happens every year (early summer they report the rise, during the fall they don't cover the drop in prices), but I am still surprised by it.

Oh, and I am surprised that the price is falling this fast even through all of this "economic turmoil". With the stock market falling as much as it is (last week the stock market fell more than any other week in it's history).

Oh well, life goes on.



brigette said...

I got it for 2.77! And I saw it later that day for 2.69! You should come visit us and fill your tank while you are here :)

Matt said...

WOW!! I was amazed that I saw it for $3.05 and then we filled up for $2.90 today. AWESOME!! Yeah, I agree. If this is what they call economic turmoil, let's have some more!

One theory I heard on the radio is that the stock market fell so sharply because the capitalist market knows that socialism is poisonous and so they all got scared with the bailout. I dunno... we'll see.

Oh, and yeah, I'm back on the grid, so check my blog...