Which one?

Thursday, June 19, 2008
So I found two great Jeep Liberties listed on Craig's List. Both are from the same dealership, both are below KBB price. They are both (basically) the same except for what is listed below:

Jeep Liberty #1
"Limited Trim"
4 Wheel Drive
68,000 miles
"Flame Red"
$9,000(KBB: 11,800)

Jeep Liberty #2
"Sport Trim"
2 Wheel Drive
97,000 miles
"Light Khaki" (which I think I like better)
$7,000 (KBB: 8,500)

So, I could go with #1 which has 30,000 less miles and 4 wheel drive, or get a year newer and save myself $2,000 by going with #2. What do you think?

I am going to test drive them tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!



Swing said...

I think you'd better beware if the guy up and moves to Florida tomorrow.

Matt said...

HAHA!! yeah, that might be a clue...

I think that a year newer and $2000 cheaper are a negative point when combined. Here's why: When you trade in, the dealer says that the "normal" amount to drive your car is 12,000 mi/yr. If you try to buy one, they say that it's 15,000 mi/yr. Either way, the 2003 drove almost 20,000 mi/yr (avg, so probably even more in one or two of those years, if more than one owner) which is REALLY hard on any vehicle, even a Jeep. Secondly, it's pushing 100,000 miles which is the universal point where almost all cars (except deisels) start to have bigger problems. Because of the very high mi/yr, that 100,000 mile point is going to be even more significant.

I'd go with the 2002, if those are your only two options.