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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
OK, the following will mean nothing to most of you. In fact, I can only think of three of you that would understand this post, but I am going to post it anyway! Presenting:

The Top Ten WarCraft III Online Maps
(of all time)

10. Red Light Green Light. This is the original WC3 online map. It is the first one that I can remember playing, and it was all the rage... for a while.

9. Cube TD. As far as "hours played", this map is high on the list. I spent many nights perfecting my maze, a one of a kind maze that made the creeps walk past the starting line like seven times... even if I did have to "cheat" to do it (I had to use the spot next to me).

8. Green TD. This TD proved to be very tough. I don't think we ever beat this map, even though we spent many hours trying to do so.

7. Battle Tankz. I wish that this were higher on the list, but there are so many great maps, this one slipped a bit. I am still a big fan of this game, but it takes so long to win a good game that I don't play it much any more.

6. Hero Line Warz. Somehow I always picked the over-powered hero, so this game was always fun for me. I remember when it used to be hard to find a decent team to play against (3v5 anyone?), but now others have gotten down good techniques to games last longer.

5. Battle Ships. RUSH MODE! Another great map that had a lot of options, a lot upgrade paths, and plenty of skills to perfect (once you perfected a normal ship you went trader!).

4. WinterMaul. Right up there with Red Light Green Light as a classic. The first good maul, it spawned a category of it's own.

3. Tree Tag. I still miss tree tag. I miss chants of "UR CHEATING!" and "OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" (and then having to reply "it was totally legal"). I still dream about being a rock gollum running around in the woods, chasing ents, chopping down trees to make a path big enough....

2. Alcohol Maul. This was the original "I am going to play this map until I beat it!" map, and we did... in fact, we got so good at it, we had to move on to something harder. I still want a poster on my wall of a big pink tower shooting out seals...

And, the #1 WC3 map of all time... can you guess it? It is...

1. WinterMaul Warz! That's right! The classic WinterMaul taken to the next level. Once again, this spawned an entire category of "Wars" maps that still live on today.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):
Zoator TD
Poker TD
Line Tower Wars
Air Strike TD
Tower Wars

Any others? Have I forgotten any? What would your list look like?



Swing said...

Ahhh... WMWarz... Those were the days.

Oh and don't forget Circle TD where everyone complained because "you're blocking." It's called "Circle" for a reason, foo'!