The Mole 2...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
(spoiler alert, if you haven't seen this week's The Mole, stop reading!)

Arg, foiled again...

After watching 55 minutes of this week's The Mole, I was ready to come here and post the exact same three names again. But alas, in the last five minutes Liz was kicked off. She AGAIN this episode seamed like she was making stuff up in her interviews, but even if she was, she isn't the mole. Here is my revised list:

Craig (again, he is too lovable... and something about his Spanish...)
Alex (he still looks suspicious)
Nicole (she made herself obvious in the first episode, but she was so sly about it... "I don't want to sleep outside, so I just won't sleep..." nice ploy, I thought that her doing that would reduce the pot, but they let her do it)