I hope that they come in...

Monday, December 10, 2007
I ordered Drew's and Momma's presents today on Amazon, but just saw that the "expected ship date" is "December 17-18th," meaning that both presents may not even SHIP until after we open gifts.

If they don't ship by Thursday, I will cancel the order and buy locally. They are not things that can't be bought locally, I was just looking for the connivence of not having to walk up and down isles looking for what I wanted.



gail said...


caz you are blogging this do you hope I'll say, "Oh, Matthew!! (sugary -sweet -smiliey -voice) You don't have to get me anything! I'll just be happy to see you this weekend!!"


gail said...

PS good thing you didn't day Drewbie - you KNOW how much your sister hates that name!!!!!!!!!