A Few Files

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Here are a few files from projects that I have been working on this week. I have organized the files by class. These files are as they were turned in for a final grade. If you would like to comment on any of the files, please leave a comment or e-mail me, I would love to hear your thoughts (even though the projects are not still being worked on).

Intermediate Film:
I edited a film for this class, but it is actually on film, so I have no upload yet.

Directing for Narrative Film:
I have a few videos, but nothing ready to upload right now (and nothing that would be interesting to you guys).

Intermediate Scriptwriting:
Second Chance (Alone): The script that Hurley and I originally started to write/work on in high school. The script is very different from the original idea, and I think is far better than it was originally (although it could still use some work). This is a full short script at 20 pages (but don't worry, you can read it in about 10 minutes). It is interesting (to me) how the original idea was based on Sara and Jimmy, and we wrapped the story around their lives. The same thing happened again with this rewrite. For example, the introduction of Chet, their baby. However, old personalities remain, like the scene where they are playing video games in the living room (using the "new" model would have put the characters playing Warcraft!).
Hot Sleep: This is an adaptation from a short story book thingy... OK, let me explain. Orson Scott Card (made famous by writing "Ender's Game") started his writing career by writing short stories, most of which were submitted to magazines and the like ("Ender's Game" originates from one of these stories). There was one "universe" (my term meaning a group of stories that exist in the same reality, such as the Star Wars Universe, or Star Trek Universe) that he wrote many short stories in. These short stories were bound into a compilation called "Hot Sleep." Later, Card wrote a long story in this universe, and this was released with the original shorts in the book "The Worthing Saga" (to say it again briefly: "The Worthing Saga" exists of one long story and a bunch of short stories, all in the same universe). OK, I have spent way too long talking about this, but IMO, "The Worthing Saga" is the best Orson Scott Card book ever (which is a topic all on it's own). Anywho, this script is an adaptation of "LifeLoop," one of the original short stories.

Media Entrepreneurship:
My Business Plan: This is an 18 page business plan that I made for the class (I took out my address when I uploaded it). This is the only file in this post that I have an official grade for: 325/400. Not great, but seeing as I didn't do any research, I am conformable with the grade (I made a B in the class).

Visual Editing:
Pink Tux (YouTube link, also a part of this post below): My final project for the class. Our assignment was to make a video that showed we knew how to use the software. We had to use effects, transitions, key frames, and all of the other little buttons and do-dads. So, I figured if he wanted something that was over the top with effects and transitions, I might as well make an '80's music video. So I did. I used the required video clips and grabbed "In Love With the 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom)" by Relient K as the background music. I like the way it turned out. I will show this video to my instructor tomorrow, and that will be the last time that I have a scheduled class in college... yea!

On another subject: I am sure that no one noticed, but I switched hosting companies. I am now using .Mac (pronounced "DotMac"). I say this because there are posts with links still to the old server, and seeing as I have over 250 posts on this blog, I don't want to go back and change all of my links. SO: old post's links may not work any more. If you are browsing my archives and want a link updated, post a comment to that post and I will see what I can do.