Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Well, here it is! My first student film, up for everyone to get.
I recommend that you use VLC to watch the files. VLC is open source, so it is free, no mal-ware, and good on both PC and Macs (as well as like 20 other systems).
There are two versions (right click, save as):
Small (19MB)
Large (51MB)
NOTE that there is about 8 seconds of black at the beginning. Don't try to "fast forward," just suffer through it (it creates problems if you try to move the timeline).
Also, while I am ecstatic about how this turned out, there are a few things that I want to fix, and I am planning on spending the next few weeks fixing all of the problems. The cut that you see was edited in 5 hours, and I want to start from scratch again to see what I can do with out the requirements set up by the course.
Tell me what you think!
Also (again), thanks for for hosting the movies for free!



Anonymous said...

ding downloaded it and we can't wait to watch!