Thursday, June 02, 2005
Chewbacca is a metrosexual!!!
Why else would he always carry around a man-bag????
What do you think is in there? As one person said it:
"No point in glamourizing a femenine accesory..Its a purse. I'd bet he's got 1 large nail file, 1 oversized hairbrush, and 1 small waterproof lipstick. Chewie's a freak on Saturday nights." (dAMIAn78)

(for those that don't know what a metrosexual is, check out this article from Wikipedia)



Anonymous said...

I am going to have to disagree with you on this one Kat.....

umm.....Chewie is the epitome of male brute force... and simply because a soldier carries around a bag to keep his ammo and bombs in hes metrosexual?? Ur forgetting one thing.. he has no colors to coordinate,and you cant say that the brown bag goes with his brown fur. 1. even a drunk squirrle could figure that out 2. its called NATURAL!! thats what color thier animals are made of, so thats what color they uuse.... so by YOUR standards Kat, all American Indians were metrosexuals cuz thier clothes matched!!?!?!!?


Clearly Kat, you are spending too much time stressing out at Baja Fresh and not enough time relaxing at Schliterbahn....geez..