Alls well that ends well...

Thursday, June 23, 2005
Well, today I did a project in class. It was a one minute live show from a TV studio, and I was the director. I spent the last few days writing the script and buying props. Today, I had 20 minutes to direct the show, and it went very well. The talent performed well, the camera operators did their job, and everyone in the control room was phenomenal. Although none of them read this blog (who does again??), I want to say thanks to the 13 people that made that work well!
I should have the show up for download next week sometime.



Anonymous said...

well duhh....ur tha best director out there....did we exspect anything less??? NO!!1

and by the way, when you get rich and famous.....dont forget to buy your idiot brother spelling lessons...i mean...geez

Matt said...

I concur. I just hope that you'll direct for a decent price.