Tuesday, January 27, 2009
I feel like screaming... we have been watching the commercials for SIX MONTHS about the upcoming TV transition to digital, and now the date is being pushed back ANOTHER four months...

Do they really think that people are going to suddenly rise out of their arm chairs and leap for the chance to plug in a digital tuner? Does this prove that 6 months of daily advertising that the transition is coming didn't work? Or is this just some political ploy? Tune in at 10 for these answers, and a look at your 10view Forecast... that is, only if you have the right box plugged into your TV.



Matt said...

I agree. If you're too dumb to operate your own TV, or even to follow instructions, then maybe you should get off that tub of lard that you call a butt and get some blood flowing to your brain!! Stupidity is one of the few things that I refuse to tolerate. Stupid people should suffer the consequences of their stupidity.