Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Ya, so here I am at my new job. The job that I haven't told you (my blog) about, not because I wanted to keep it a secret from you, but simply because I haven't posted in over a week.

So any way, I am at my job (yes, I am currently on the clock), and notice what time it is: 2:30 in the morning. Ya, I got here at 3:30, eleven hours ago, and I am still "working"... I say "working" because I am waiting for the computer to be done uploading a file, and I get paid until the computer gets done. So I am doing everything I can to hog bandwith so that the upload goes slower (just kidding!).

But any way, I have to be back at 11 in the morning, which is only 8.5 hours from now, minus an hour driving each way, I would only be home for 6.5 hours (and out $15 for gas). So I decided (with the permission of my "boss") to sleep here for the night. I don't have a blanket or a pillow, but I can deal with it.

Who else has ever slept over at their job the first night they worked there? (I just wish that "Spending the night the first day on the job" were on my List of Things to Do in Life, if only so I could check it off!)



Anonymous said...

well i hope that this means that you get off earlier tonight. :)

we'd love to see you

*hugz* hope you slept well :)


gail said...

how's your tat?

you will be ok - caz you can sleep anywhere!!

Sara said...

I have slept over at work before, but not on the first day, haha. That's hilarious. Maybe you should just burn a DVD and drive the files to wherever they are being uploaded to.


Matt said...

Sorry I haven't kept up... I really should try this RSS thing...

Well, I didn't sleep at work on my first day in the Marines... in fact, I didn't sleep for my first 72 hours in the Marines. And yeah, I slept at work since then too, so I know how you feel. It sucks even when you're getting paid to sleep.