Good news!

Thursday, May 08, 2008
For those that just happen to grace the front page of Pflugerville ISD's web page, you might (or might not) recognize the chicka featured there. In fact, it is Cindy Ward, who was my fifth grade teacher (then known as Cindy Maddox). She was just announced as "District Elementary Teacher of the Year" for Pflugerville! I wanted to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to her! She was a huge inspiration to me in school, and continues to inspire me in many ways!

My only question is: In the article, she mentions Ed Monson as being her mentor... Who is this Ed guy, and why wasn't I her mentor? I was in the first class that she taught, so I must have taught her everything there is to know about teaching and stuff. *sigh* I cain't get no respect.



Matt said...

Eh... what can you do?

So, when are you going to post a link to the AUMC AV page? I do go there, but it's usually right after the url expired from my autocomplete and I've STILL forgotten to actually bookmark it.