Stuff Christians Like

Wednesday, April 02, 2008
(this one is for Sara)

I stole this (word for word) from Think Christian:

I just can’t stop reading Stuff Christians Like, a takeoff of the Stuff White People Like blog. It’s amazingly dead on, whether it’s talking about serious or silly issues. A few of my favorites:

#106: The side hug
#100: MC Hammer’s “Pray”
#26: Songs that sound Christian but aren’t
#5: Bootleg cookies
Hilarious stuff. The blogger is apparently writing a book, too.


OK, that is what Think Christian said. How, here are MY favorites:
#20. Psalty
#28. Rob Bell
#46. Super, happy shiny Christian radio.
#53. Saying "I'll pray for you" and then not.
#65. Ending emails with God shout outs.
#84. Stock Photography
#103. Singing "Our God is an Awesome God."



Helen said...

That guy is hilarious! He does seem to come from a Baptist, megachurch background, though, which I wasn't exposed to until college.

Helen said...

I see you couldn't resist leaving a comment on the Chick-fil-a post. Just because you didn't have to work for someone EVIL as a young person... rub it in..