Friday, September 23, 2005
This week, our school had a "Career fair" on campus, where people would come in and set up booths and get people to join their career. Everything from accounting at Best Buy to stocking at Target to medical places to hotel management... it was all there. The Target people were giving away Gummy Dogs, because, you know... their logo is Spot. AND I GOT SOME! But that is only half of why I am so excited.
At the same time, they had a "Part-Time Job Fair" downstairs. Sprint, Radio Shack, UPS, more Best Buy people... I was just browsing around, because I need a job, and I stopped to talk to the UPS lady (among others). She said that they were hiring, so I gave her my information. She told me that she would call me back on Friday. She made it sound like she was going to call everyone back on Friday.
Fast forward to today (Friday). She calls me, and gets my information. I go online to fill out the application. At this point, I am still thinking this is an application. When I call her back, though, she makes it clear that it is not. A guy left, and they need to fill the spot right away. She said that I can work seasonally, or be hired as a full-time-part-time guy (work part-time, but continue past Christmas). I take the FTPT job, because I want to keep it after Christmas. She then puts me on the fast track. She said that normally, it takes a few weeks to hire someone, but I am going to start training Tuesday, because they need someone fast.
She then goes on to tell me that she had well over 30 names to choose from, but she choose me, because she thought that I would work well. That is the best compliment you can give someone! I am glad that I came off that way, because I am someone that is a really good worker.
She then mentions that there is a $.50 pay raise after 90 days, and I realize that I don't even know how much the position pays. After I talked to her, I looked at the sheet she gave me earlier in the week... "$8.50-$9.50/hr to start with 4.50 raise after 90 days... Paid vacation and holidays" I am so excited! I was thinking $6, $7... but $8.50, that is a huge raise for me (I was getting $7 at Subway).
OK, I know that you guys are laughing at me for being excited about a $8.50 an hour job, but this is college, baby! I need it.
PLUS!!! It fits perfect with my schedule. I start at 5:30 and go until everything is sorted (usually 3.5-5 hours), Mon-Fri. So, even on the bad days, I won't be working past 10:30 (at Subway it was 12:30 at the earliest), and it is 17.5 - 25 hours a week, which is just about what I need.
The only down side: it is Mon-Fri, every day, every week, and I will (of course) have to work over the Christmas holidays.
I expect to make about $550 a month, which is pretty good, but I would prefer it to be slightly higher... but $550 a month is sure better than nothing!!!!
So... I go from this morning having 5 applications in my bag to fill out so that I can paper the town to having a good job! I am so excited!