Tuesday, August 02, 2005
I don't know if I should be proud or not.
Tim Burton is coming out with his latest version of "Nightmare Before Christmas." This one is called "Corpse Bride."
Just like Nightmare, Corpse Bride is stop motion animation, meaning it was shot one frame at a time. However, Burton went with digital this time.
Using a Mac running Final Cut Pro, and a consumer level digital camera, he was able to create a trailer that most people think was computer generated.
Read more about it here. This is a wonderful read, even for you Mac haters out there (that would be you, Diz).
You can also watch the trailer.



Matt said...

Wow, that's really impressive. I can tell that it's not CG, but I would not have known what to look for if I hadn't known that it was stop-frame. i might actually watch it, if only to see the animation.

diz said...

First of all, I am offended at being singled out as a 'mac hater'. Let me remind you that when the mac religious rhetoric starts spouting, I'm the first one to keep my mouth shut. There are more than one 'pc haters' (TWO to be exact) in this family who constantly bombard us with this mac religious rhetoric and I keep my mouth shut. Tight-lipped, smiling, until it blows over. There is no evidence to call me a mac hater because I never say anything. If I do, it's simply to comment on how zealous the pc haters are in pushing their mac rhetoric down the throats of un-macked family members.

that is all.