Boyfriend Kills Lover's Husband After Discovered Living in Closet

Thursday, April 21, 2005
OK, this goes under the "too weird to be made up" category:
Link to the story
So, to dramatize the story:
Husband is cleaning around the house one afternoon, and he hears a strange noise from his closet. He opens it up, and there is a guy sleeping in there (the noise was the guy's snores). Turns out the guy is his wife's lover, and has been living in the closet for 4 MONTHS!!! So he tells the guy, get out. Husband then goes for a walk, and when he gets back, Lover is still there, but this time with a gun. Lover then forces Husband into bathtub where he beats him to death.

Moral of the story: Clean out your closets more often!



Matt said...

Dang, I guess I need to take care of that before Helen moves in....