Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Here, for no real reason, and in no particular order, is a list of the podcasts that I subscribe to. For your convience, links to the original site and to iTunes are included.

Church Tech
Church Tech Talk (iTunes): A bunch of guys sit around and talk about church tech. They often get off topic (sometimes to a fault), but this relaxed atmosphere is part of what makes them endearing.
Creative Synergy (iTunes): This podcast only has 6 episodes and it hasn't been updated in nearly two years, but it is still a must-listen for church tech guys.
Faith Tools (iTunes): This is my latest addition to my podcast collection. I am slowly catching up to the current episodes, but it is turning out to be a great resource for church tech help, tips, and tricks.

Other Tech
MacBreak (iTunes): This video podcast shows great tips and how-tos for Mac people. They also have a wide range of sub-categories, including "MacBreak Dev" (for developers), "MacBreak Work", and "MacBreak Tech".
MacBreak Weekly (iTunes): MacBreak Weekly is an audio podcast all about Macs. If you like Macs, you have to listen!
This Week in Tech (iTunes): Simply the best tech podcast ever.

New Release Tuesday (iTunes): NRT is a weekly podcast featuring releases from Christian artists that are coming out that week. They have a great mix of popular artists and new artists.
Tooth & Nail (iTunes): Tooth & Nail is a Christian recording company, and their podcast features new music from their artists. Great stuff to listen to, but if you don't like death metal, stay away from their "Solid State" editions.

What podcasts do you listen to?



Anonymous said...

What about Dave Ramsey?


Katanna said...

I don't listen to him any more... haven't for a while. The questions are too repetitive, there are only one or two decent questions each episode, the rest are repeats.