Fighting Demons

Monday, February 16, 2009
Apparently my powers of self-restraint are not as good as I once thought... and fighting this addiction is proving to be hard.

No, I haven't slipped off the bandwagon yet, but I keep getting close. Please pray for me while I fight these demons that just won't let go.



gail said...

maybe you need to do something to take your mind off of it........ like putting COLOR back on your blog.

wasn't gonna say anything caz i thought you were in the process of changing things up....... but I HATE it!!

thank you for letting me share

:>) :>)

Katanna said...

Hey, I really like my new blog's scheme... sure there isn't a lot of color, but it isn't screaming "THE WRITER OF THIS BLOG HAS NO COLOR TASTE!" like it did before...


gail said...

it just makes it harder for me to read. Betting old and not being able to see as much SUCKS!!!!!!!

Matt said...

I like it too. I'm sorry I missed your call yesterday. I'll be praying for you.