The next YouTube killer?

Monday, July 30, 2007
When I saw the name of this site, I literally spit food out of my mouth I was laughing so hard (HEY, chips are lightweight, and they catch a lot of air, and it was a TINY piece!).

Linky (the next YouTuve killer?)



Swing said...

They don't have Baby Got Bible... I'm very very sad.

Katanna said...

Actually, they do. Search for "Baby got Book."


Swing said...

ok fine, well they need a better search tool.

The whole thing irritates me and I'm not quite sure why... maybe it's the subtle undertone that this is the "holy" place to go rather than the "heathen" youtube.

Or maybe it's that out of the several videos I watched, one was kind of cute (the little girl saying her psalm), but the rest were just plain boring. Hardly enough interest from me to "kill YouTube" (even if it is owned by Google, but that's another story).

Maybe it's just another example of a "Christianese" club... or maybe it's just too darn early and I'm grumpy. All of the above are plausible explanations for my unnamed irritation.